February 5, 2003 in Personal

Stop the Chain Letters/Emails

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I find it difficult to manage all the email I get. Much of it junk. It doesn’t help that I’ve got more email addresses than I care to count. I suppose I should just consolidate, but I need them all. Depending on who you are, you may get my main email account or a sub-account. Why do I do this? Because who has time to read all the crap companies send. You know, some of the worst offenders are so called friends who continue to send me chain emails despite the fact that I’ve asked them not to. Just yesterday, I emailed this friend from my youth asking her not to send me any more chain letters. She sent a note back saying she totally understood. Then tonight, I open my email bin and what do I see? Another two chain emails from her. I just want to scream. Thinking I’m going to have to block her email address. I hate to do it, but I only have time to give one warning!

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