April 6, 2003 in Miscellaneous

Spring Forecast

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It’s wicked cold here in Chicago. Currently it’s 36 degrees and there’s talk of snow tonight. That might spoil the Chicago Cubs season home opener. I don’t have tickets to the game, so it really doesn’t affect me. But it sure would be nice if spring would come and stay. Last week there were a few days where you could get away with wearing open toe shoes. Tomorrow you’ll need winter coat and boots. This is simply not fair. Why can’t spring just come and stay? I hate being teased like this.
Speaking of the Cubs, can’t end without congratulating Sammy Sosa for hitting his 500th home run. Less than 20 players are in the 500 Club so any ballplayer (i.e Mets pitcher Steve Trachsel) who is trying to downplay the significance of this milestone is simply jealous. As Sammy himself said, “A lot of people say it’s nothing. But in the whole time since they started playing baseball, only 17 (now 18) guys have done it. If it was so easy, there’d be 100 people who did it.” So I say, stop raining on Sammy’s parade.

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