March 1, 2003 in Personal

Spring Cleaning

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My apartment is in complete disarray. Early this morning (7:30am), the building engineer woke me up to let me know that the people who would be replacing my carpet would be here in 30minutes. I got panicky and wanted to reschedule since I hadn’t prepared but he said they were already on their way. So much for them calling ahead to schedule a day and time. So for most of the day, I had people moving my stuff around all in an effort to lay new carpeting. I felt completely exposed but it was totally worth it — the new carpeting looks great. But I’m completely exhausting. Just taking a break from trying to put my books back in order. Then I have to work on my bedroom. So basically all my plans for this weekend are shot. Throughout this whole process, I’m trying to throw out things I really don’t need. I’ve lived here for 7+ years so I’ve accumulated a lot of crap.

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