September 25, 2011 in Entertainment, Social Media


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I’ve been checking out many of the companies that will have applications integrated into Facebook’s timeline profile. One that has captivated me so far is: Spotify.

Why? Well while I like music, I don’t really follow a lot of bands or listen to a lot of music. And so as this service which will provide free access to more than 15million tracks, thinking that I’ll be able to discover and enjoy a lot more music without first having to pay for it.

Also, the beauty of this application/service as that by being integrated with Facebook, I’ll be able to discover music through my friends. Thinking that will be quite powerful as it will most likely help me find music that I would not have discovered on my own.

So well done Spotify and here’s hoping that they can work things out so the artists who’se music we’ll all be enjoying more benefit as much. And to do my part, I will most likely sign up for a premium account!

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