February 16, 2014 in Olympics

Sochi Winter Olympics Empty Seats

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Having watched hours and hours of coverage for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, what is abundantly clear is that the International Olympic Committee has yet to figure out how to ensure that all the events, including preliminary ones are well attended.


This is most disappointing considering the outcry from the London 2012 Summer Olympics. It’s just inadequate for the athletes as well as fans within the stadiums and those watching around the globe. I make this point as having attended a good number of events during the London games, I know first-hand what a difference it makes to the atmosphere and energy when the stadiums are half full in the early rounds. Thus, I can only imagine what it feels like for the athletes. So here’s hoping that for Rio 2016, the organisers will put more effort into ticketing and filling the stadiums. And really, if it means bussing school children in so they can experience this near once in a life time opportunity, then that is what the International Olympic Committee and local organisers need to do. There is simply no point spending billions of dollars for first class facilities if even during the two weeks of the games, they won’t be packed by those who have travelled from all corners of the globe as well as the locals.

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