March 6, 2003 in Iraq War

So War It Is Then….

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So I’ve been trying not to think about the war — its just too depressing. But everywhere I turn, someone is talking about it. What’s disturbing is that the voices of reason within the Bush Administration (i.e. Colin Powell, etc.) have turned into hawks. President Bush is determined to remove Saddam Hussein from power and things are definitely heating up – war is coming! He (President Bush) is holding a prime time news conference tonight to discuss Iraq. So looks like we’re going to start dropping those bombs in the next few days/weeks. The British want to delay until the end of March to try and sway the French-German-Russian delegation, but it almost seems pointless. Saddam Hussein has complied just enough with the United Nations disarmament requirements that France and Russia seem ready to use their veto powers to block passage of a new resolution authorizing force against Baghdad. Both sides just seem stubborn. So the US will go to war unilaterally. Sure the British will tag along, but it’s really the Americans who will do most of the dirty work. So since the Administration won’t listen to the doves marching in the streets, I really hope they are planning for a short war. Americans are willing to accept some casualties but what is unclear is how many. So the plan better be quick and decisive. But something tells me Saddam will not go easily. There will be street to street combat in Baghdad. I just pray it’s over quickly!
Update (2:30pm): The administration is down playing the important of the press conference tonight. But consider this, since taking office, President Bush has only done 7 press conferences (tonight will be 8) and this is the only the second time that he’s done in prime time.

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