September 16, 2003 in Work

Slow Work Day

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Today was a completely unproductive day at work. All day, the server was down. So no work got done. Everything I needed to be functional was on my computer in the CRM database that I couldn’t access. So my teammates and I sat around and had some lively discussions about everything under the sun while checking every 15-30 minutes to see if the system was back up. So many times I wanted to leave but kept thinking I should stick around in case things came back up. It never did happen. Hopefully things will be different tomorrow. The first few hours were kind of fun but as the day dragged on, I just got really annoyed about the whole situation. The only thing redeeming about today is that after work, I went to dinner @ Sabor A Cuba with a friend. It’s a cute Cuban restaurant in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. The steak I had was pretty good but I just loved the maduros (fried plantains). Wow! I’ll be dreaming of those for days to come.

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