April 12, 2003 in Books

Sister of My Heart

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Last night I read book titled: Sister of My Heart. Story is about two cousins (Sudha & Anju) who are born into a Calcutta family on the same day after their mothers find out about the death of their fathers who were off in the jungles searching for rubies. What follows is a story where secrets, lies and half-truths are revealed. This novel also offers great insight into the world of forbidden love and arranged marriages in India. The supporting casts of characters are well developed and while I’m not familiar with the Indian culture, I had no problems picturing or understanding what the author was describing. I really enjoyed her writing style and so I plan to read other novels by Chitra Divakaruni.

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  1. November 20, 2005 at 9:04 pm


    I read the book, and a lot of people are skeptical about the ‘unfinished endings’ and the fairly predictable plot. I believed otherwise. I loved the tangled plot, the theme of trust and friendship, and the way Divakaruni makes it a book that you can NEVER put down.

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