December 28, 2004 in Health

Sick As A Dog

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I’ve been sick for the past few days. It all started on Christmas when I had Chinese food for dinner. Then I woke up the next morning feeling dizzy and my stomach was hurting really bad. I then proceeded to spend the next 48 hours close to the bathroom. To say I was miserable is an understatement. But I did manage to loose 8 pounds so I’m pretty happy about that. Oh sure, its water weight, but its still pounds lost. So here I am trying to recover and not feel too sorry for myself. I am after all on vacation this week and spending it in bed running every 10 minutes to the bathroom is not my idea of a good time. Of course this is all being put into perspective for me as I listen to the news and hear about all those people who died from the tsunami that swept across the Indian Ocean. It doesn’t seem fair but I just have to trust in the lord. How else to make sense of all this destruction? It seems so senseless and pointless.

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