June 6, 2004 in Dating


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I’m not sure what has come over me, but I can’t stop shopping. In the last two days, I’ve purchased four pairs of shoes and an assorted array of clothing. Granted I needed to pick up a few items as I’ve lost weight and don’t fit most of my clothing, but this is a bit excessive for me. I hate clothes shopping. Maybe it’s the warmer weather. Or maybe it’s because I have a boyfriend and want to increase my cuteness factor. Whatever it is, I wish it to stop. I’d rather wear the same thing over and over again, than have a zillion outfits. Mainly because clothing has gotten really expensive and I’d rather just keep my money in the bank or put it towards something a bit more useful. When I check my bank account and see the number going up, I feel good. Can’t say the same when I look at my closet. Most times I ask myself, what were you thinking? There are so many things that I never wear but refuse to get rid of as I’m spent my hard earned dollars on them.

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