November 16, 2003 in Entertainment

Shattered Glass

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After the game yesterday, my best guy friend and his girlfriend were kind enough to give me a ride to Harrah’s Casino so I could cash some coupons. They keep sending me these $100 coupons hoping that I’ll come back and gamble however what they don’t realize is that I never gambled in the first place. It was my best guy friend who gambled on my card. Heck, I’ve even gotten offers for free airfare and hotel to Reno, Nevada. I declined, but only because I’m hoping I get one for Las Vegas. Hey, there’s more to do in Las Vegas besides gamble. Plus, I am hoping to use the trip to see M. So stay tuned on that one.
After trip to casino, we then headed back into the city. There I parted ways with the happy couple who went to dinner at La Creperie. I could have joined them, but decided to go to the movies instead. There I saw Shattered Glass. Movie tells the true story of Stephen Glass who fabricated quotes, people, companies among other things for 27 of the 41 articles he wrote while a staff writer/editor for The New Republic; a publication many considered to be the ‘in-flight magazine of Air Force One” during the Clinton-era. As I sat watching the movie, couldn’t help but think of the parallels between Stephen Glass and Jayson Blair who invented stories while at The New York Times. The only problem I had with the film is that it never really explained why Glass did what he did. It doesn’t put his behavior in historical context or even delve into his past. It simply documents the fabrications which took place from 1996 through 1998 and highlights a story he wrote dealing with hackers which lead to his downfall. Despite this flaw in the plot, would recommend seeing the film. It’s surprisingly entertaining.

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