September 4, 2003 in Entertainment

Shall We Dance

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Richard Gere came up to work to see me today. I kid you not. Ok, maybe just a bit. He and Jennifer Lopez are actually in town filming a remake of a charming Japanese movie I saw about 5 years ago at Music Box Theatre titled: Shall We Dance. It tells the story of a lonely guy who is in a loveless marriage and has a job he hates but ends up being reinvigorated after starting to take dancing lessons. I’m really surprised that this movie is being remade so soon since the original was make in 1997. In any event, Richard was indeed at my work. Well actually just in my building. As I stood outside watching him shoot a scene 20 feet away from me, I couldn’t help but think that while he wasn’t that tall, he is way better looking in person. So good looking in fact that my coworker and I stood around much longer than most people. In fact, towards the end as he was walking up the stairs to enter the building, I screamed his name, he turned and looked directly at me and waved, and I waved back and started screaming. I felt like a 13 year old girl all over again. The only thing incomplete from this experience is that I forgot my camera so I couldn’t document the experience. Luckily, two other coworkers took pictures so I’ll be able to get a copy.

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