April 6, 2003 in Personal


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Over the years, I’ve taken quite a few pictures. So earlier this week I accepted a friend’s invitation to attend a scrapbooking class. Sponsored by a consultant from Creative Memories, I was amazed by all the tools now available to manage/organize ones pictures. Once you get started, I could see how scrapbooking could get totally addictive. After coming back from the four hour beginner session where I spent more money that I had planned, I spent more time looking at my albums and thinking of ways to reorganize. Next on the agenda is to write my grandaunt and ask her for pictures of me as a child. Can you believe it; I don’t even have one baby picture of me. So I’ve got to get that corrected. I want to start at the beginning. In any event, I look back on the pictures I do have and beyond thinking about how thin I looked through the years, I smile because I’m remembering all the good times.

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  1. April 7, 2003 at 3:58 am


    I love scrapbooking as well! And you are totally right — it is completely addcitive!

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