August 31, 2003 in Entertainment


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I went to see Scrabylon last night which was showing at the Landmark Theatre as part of the Chicago Underground Film Festival. It’s a documentary about the competitive world of scrabble. If you’ve seen Spellbound, then Scrabylon is in a similar style. It spotlights 7 top players who are trying to be crowned 2001 World Scrabble Champion. I totally loved the film as I got to learn more about some of the fascinating personalities behind the game and more importantly some of their strategies for winning. I should note though, that my friend preferred the short feature titled: Compulsory Breathing. This short tells the story of a guy who contemplates killing himself after his wife leaves him on their anniversary, but ends up saving the life of another woman.
After the movie, another friend met us and we went to dinner at Cousins, which is my favorite Turkish/Middle Eastern restaurant in the city. Normally I have the vegetable moussaka but this time I had the rack of lamb which was just perfect. After dinner we headed to East Ukrainian Village as one of my friends, wanted to check on her dog at home. Considering all the drama she’s had with this dog in the two months she has had him, let me say that I’m thankful I’m a cat person. Choo-Choo is definitely low maintenance. In any event, we ended the evening hanging out at Joy Inn. All in all, not a bad Saturday night.

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  1. September 4, 2003 at 6:46 pm

    David Munro

    So glad your friend liked our movie. Isn’t Google the best?

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