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Back to School

The Boston Globe wrote an article profiling the class reunion at the Burke. So major congratulations goes out to the committee for getting coverage in the leading Boston newspaper. Back to school Jeremiah E. Burke High’s first reunion in decades brings back old friends and treasured memories to a newly renovated building July 31, 2011|By J.M. Lawrence, Globe Correspondent If the walls of the Jeremiah E. Burke High School in Dorchester could talk, those concrete blocks would remember the first kiss high school sweethearts Darren Graham and Danielle Hines shared in the 1980s. “It was in the stairwell on the […]

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Bulldog for Life

In high school, I threw my hat in the race to become Senior Class President. My opponent was a popular all-star basketball player and not surprisingly, I lost by a landslide. So why did I enter the race knowing full well it was a popularity contest and the outcome would be against me? Well, I believed then that I was the ideal candidate and had the time, energy and commitment to deliver on those things that truly mattered to the senior class. Most of the class — well with the exception of the nerds/geeks/band/drama kids! — thought differently! In fairness […]

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D3B: Fashion Forward

For those of you in Boston, I encourage you to attend a fundraiser for the Urban Scholars Program that what quite instrumental in my development during my High School years. Truth be told, had it not been for this program, I never would have thought about leaving Massachusetts for university. And that would have been a told travesty as my four years at the University of Michigan were without a doubt, some of the best years of my life. D3B: Fashion Forward!’ (3rd Annual Derrick’s Birthday Bash) is a fashion/comedy show coordinated by the Duplessy Foundation that will raise $25,000 […]

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