December 17, 2007 in Travel

Schonbrunn Palace

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Since most of the museums in Vienna are closed on Mondays, I spent much of the day at Schonbrunn Palace.
As I took the grand tour which included 40 rooms each one more magnificent than the next, I knew without a doubt it was the most extravagant stately home I have ever visited. Everything from the silverware, furniture, chandeliers, paintings and murals on the walls were simply gorgeous if not a bit over the top. I couldn’t help feel a wee bit jealous. I mean, I would be happy walking away with just one of the chandeliers for my much more modest home. Since that wasn’t going to happen without setting off alarms, I quickly wiped away that thought and went outside and walked around the expansive garden. Even in winter, it was quite picturesque and I could imagine myself in warmer days marvelling at the various plants and flowers and even having a picnic with a loved one! The place is stunning.

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