November 6, 2007 in Dating

Say A Little Prayer

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I am still undecided about my vacation plans around Christmas so I called my eldest aunt to find out who might be going home for the holidays. During our extended conversation, she asked about Airport Guy. I informed her that we had broken up. She was rather surprised to hear this as she had seen him a few times during the last week and he made no mention. In fact, she got the impression that things were going well. So I gave her the abbreviated version of why I broke up with him. Her advice was that I needed to pray on the matter. Specifically, I needed to ask God for guidance and support with finding the sort of man I desire.
Since then, I have twice tried to pray about the whole situation, but mid-prayer I gave up. Perhaps because when I have quiet time with God, I ask him to help bring about world peace, a cure for HIV/AIDS, etc. On a more personal level, I ask for good health, strength to deal with the daily challenges of live, etc. Somehow, asking God to sort out my love life, never really crossed my mind. But I just might have to keep trying because reading books like Find a Husband After 35 have not helped either.

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