June 23, 2012 in Dating


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Exactly three weeks ago, I went on the most amazing date with SalsaMan. So named as while he is quite passionate about family, friends and football (Arsenal), he also really enjoys salsa.

For the date, we agreed to meet at Embankment Tube Station and as the weather was simply gorgeous we walked along the Thames River and talked and talked and talked. Almost at once, it felt natural and electric as we walked along eventually holding hands and admiring London’s beautiful skyline. The five hours we spent together – some of it at Tate Modern – simply flew by. I was a giddy school girl. He a giddy school boy. We said as much to each other. Neither had felt like this in a long time.

So off the back of this chemistry filled date, we made plans to see each other the following Saturday. And during the week, there was much banter and flirting via phone and text. Then Saturday came and he didn’t call as promised in the morning to provide details on where we would meet. Instead, a couple hours before meeting time, he sent a text cancelling. I was gutted and annoyed. I mean, who cancels a date after all that build up at the last minute and then via text? So rude!

The next morning, he called and explained what had happened. It all sounded quite legitimate, so I agreed to reschedule. Of course, not before advising that if he ever needed to postpone/cancel another scheduled meeting that he should pick up the phone. It’s the only polite thing to do.

That out of the way, the flirting and banter continued. More intense conversations were had and I thought, maybe, just maybe I’d met someone with serious potential. There was potential for a partnership of equals on all levels. And so even though I was really nervous and self-conscious about my weight among other things, I wouldn’t wait to see him again. He was tall, dark, handsome and said almost all the right things.

On the morning of the second date, yet another glorious day weather wise, I was feeling really optimistic. And because I wanted to make a good impression but not overdue it, I changed my outfit at least four times. This made me slightly late for the date.

But all was well – well at least for the first thirty minutes of the date. Then he suddenly started fiddling with his phone and appeared distracted and withdrawn. This made me nervous and the silence became uncomfortable. I enquired if anything was wrong and he assured me everything was fine. But after two hours, it all came to an abrupt end. He said he was going home. I was surprised, because leading up to the date; he talked extensively about the future…our future! Children’s names were mentioned. Yet he was acting weird and walking way.

But hey, I guess it wasn’t meant to be as since the date, while we communicated later that evening via text, I haven’t spoken to him via the phone and have no plans of breaking the silence. Heck, I’ve already deleted all photos and text messages sent to me. Something just wasn’t right. And really, I don’t need someone filling my head with ideas, messing with my emotions and that’s definitely what he was doing. Well, at least that’s my assessment on things.

His behaviour on the second date didn’t match up to his persistent phone calls, text messages or even our first date. It didn’t match up to his words. But unlike years past where I’d sit around reviewing and dwelling on the situation, I’m moving on. Particularly as I now take at heart Maya Angelou’s words: “the first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.” And so now to be strong, as something tells me he will be back. But whatever the story, I’m not having it. NEXT!

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