October 31, 2005 in Politics

Round Two

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I didn’t approve of President Bush’s first choice to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and I don’t approve of his second choice either. But at least on this go around, the person nominated, Samuel Alito has vast judicial experience. What makes me leery of him is his supposed objection to a woman’s right to choose on the abortion issue.
Apprehensive as we really cannot afford to go backwards on this issue. Particularly since we all know that it will be poor woman who will suffer most. Middle class and rich woman regards of their age and race will finds ways to get an abortion if they want one. Basically they’ll cross the border to Canada, Mexico or someplace in Europe.
Thus, unless the government plans to spend the money to take care of the potential increase in unwanted babies born, this difficult and life altering decision is best left with the woman. Only she can determine whether or not it truly makes sense to move forward with the unwanted pregnancy. Heck, even if they were going to increase welfare and education funding, I still think the decision should be left with the woman. Accidents and horrible incidents sometimes happen, and I would hate for a woman’s life to go down a path she is not yet ready to take because she didn’t have easy access to all the options available to her.

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