October 29, 2003 in Work

Roller Coaster Ride

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It almost goes without saying, but work continues to be extremely stressful. While things are getting somewhat easier, there is the continual pressure to meet and exceed expectations. In that it’s been a rough week, I had to go off to lunch by myself to just get away for awhile. I was way too tense about things beyond my control. Thus, even though I know things could be worse, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for myself. Sure my numbers are up, but when you’re in a team selling environment, it’s extremely frustrating when other parts of the sales team that ultimately impact your own survival, don’t perform at levels needed. In any event, mid afternoon, the Managing Director for the Chicago office came over and asked me to join a happy hour earlier tonight. I was still tense for the rest of the day but my attitude brightened somewhat. Primarily because the happy hour was for the 20+ consulting team at my company’s largest revenue client; a client that I uncovered for the firm. Things got even better when I walked in the room at Bob Chinn’s and the President of company clapped. Now if I could get that type of validation at work everyday by senior management, I’d feel so much better about things. Sure I know they think I’m doing a good job, but I want to hear it, time and time again. Plus, while it’s nice to reap the financial rewards of your efforts; it feels great when management publicly acknowledges your contribution to the company.

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