September 7, 2011 in The Great Outdoors

River Thames

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British Comedian David Williams of Little Britain fame is currently swimming the full length of the River Thames as part of the Big Splash Challenge for Sport Relief.

Now I myself have walked from Ashton Keynes to Trewsbury Mead in search of the original source of the River Thames. It’s about a mile north of the village of Kemble in southern Gloucestershire, near the town of Cirencester in the Cotswolds.

Upon arrival (a lovely day this past July), there was not a drop of water in sight. Just a commemorative monument! Below is a picture of me at the unofficial source which is about half a mile before Trewsbury Mead.


After standing in this field looking over my shoulder to make sure none of the cows off in the distance came charging, we crossed a major road and more fields before getting to Trewsbury Mead.

You can review more photos of my trip via my Facebook Hike: South Cotswolds via The Source Of The Thames album.

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