July 15, 2008 in Work


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A week ago I walked into my manager’s office and resigned from my job. I caught her completely off guard. She knew I had working long hours but she no idea in regards to the magnitutude of my resentment. How could she really? She herself left early (around 6ish everyday) and I kept everything close to my chess as I knew that I wasn’t interested in ways to work smarter at the firm; I simply wanted out.
Why? Well despite the fact that the people for the most part were lovely, I knew that things wouldn’t really change. I would always be a slave to my blackberry and the 200+ emails a day. Plus the demands of the partnership meant that I never really left the office feeling like I’d accomplished much of anything as there were always more projects and iniatives to the followed through on. So I wanted out – now — before I got in too deep; before even finding another new job or fully commiting to the business opportunity I’ve been exploring!

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