October 25, 2003 in Family


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I spent most of the day with my younger sister. Sort of strange in that we haven’t really talked much these last months. But in an effort to be the adult in the relationship, I decided that it was time to forgive her public outburst in New York. In that I’m on a furniture kick, we spent the day visiting one second hand furniture/antique store after another trying to see if I could find a suitable dinning room table. In that I didn’t find anything, we ended up spending the evening at her house relaxing. While there I promised to give her mom’s china and silverware. I had held on to it with the intention of giving it to her when I thought she had settled down, and I just felt like now was the right time.

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  1. October 28, 2003 at 10:50 am


    It sounds like a nice day. Sometimes, it’s hard being the “adult” one in a given relationship, but it can really pay off. Hope things keep going well for the two of you.

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