May 24, 2005 in Personal

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In the last two weeks I have spent a lot of time in department as well as specialty electronic stores and I have yet to purchase a television. Main reason is that I can’t decide whether or not to spend the money to get a LCD or plasma or just buy a regular TV. The problem with the regular ones is that they are so bulky and in that space is an issue, decided to just delay the purchase until my shipment from the US arrives. Once I see how everything fits in the new apartment then I’ll decide what is more appropriate. The good news on this front is that is won’t be much longer. My container has cleared customs and delivery is scheduled for this coming Friday. Perfect timing too since its a bank holiday next Monday so I’ll use the time to get everything sorted and put in there proper place.
Changing subjects a bit, I did end up going to Church on Sunday. I almost left 5 minutes after walking in as there weren’t that many people in the Church, and but for a few others, everyone there was over 65 years. However, once the service started, I really like the flow of things, so thinking I’ll go back. Plus I learnt that the younger folks have a separate service on Sunday nights so I’ll have to check that out.
Finally, I must point out that one of the reasons for not approaching the guy on the platform (beyond not wanting to break the illusion), is that I’m not sure that I’m really attracted to the him. Yes he’s handsome and all, but the initial excitement has now worn off because part of me is wanting that admiration to come from someone else. Specifically, Racquetball Guy. I miss him. Crazy huh? Well, don’t answer that. I’ll just have to work through these feelings on my own.


  1. May 27, 2005 at 5:13 pm

    Miss E

    Holy wow. I space out on my blog crawl during the last weeks of the semester, and when I come back you’re in another country! Bizarre! I’m glad you’re settling in London-side, though. I love love loved living there and would give anything to go back. I can’t offer much in the way of tips about the city, but I can tell you that I loved the shops on Marylebone High Street, especially Daunt Books and the Oxfam bookshop and the Waitrose grocery store, which was like something out of my wildest grocery store dreams. 🙂 ENJOY!

  2. May 25, 2005 at 8:17 pm


    Don’t forget, when you buy a TV you have to buy a license!

  3. May 25, 2005 at 3:59 am


    I believe I am having lunch at the Hard Rock in London on Thursday. Doubt you are anywhere near but if you are look for a very tired American

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