June 28, 2007 in Home & Garden, Politics

Prime Ministers & Chains

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Yesterday was a momentous day in British politics and I blogged about the iPhone. It wasn’t because I’m not interested in the pomp and circumstances surrounding Tony Blair handing over power to Gordon Brown. I am in fact extremely fascinated by the British parliamentary system of government. Why? Well Tony Blair was elected by the people to serve a 3rd term and the party basically told him to bugger off so they can make way for a new leader, Gordon Brown who has not been elected to national office. This is a somewhat dangerous strategy as the government under Tony Blair was more presidential than parliamentary. And if Gordon continues in that fashion then who knows how things will end up. That said, considering that the party has the ability to chuck him out as well, he’ll probably tow the line until the next election.
As for Tony Blair’s next job as special envoy for the Middle East, what is up for that? Now don’t get, I like Tony Blair but I’m not sure that this is the correct role for him after stepping down as Prime Minister. He is after all not held in high regards with many in that region due to his continued close alliance with President Bush over the invasion of Iraq.
Moving on from politics, and on to matters of greater importance in my life, I found out last Saturday after reading the seller’s property information form that I’m going to be part of a chain. Was extremely surprised as sellers had indicated they would be renting for the six months before purchasing another property. This all means that but for a miracle; I’m unlikely to close on the property in Bromley by the end of July. I am so annoyed. I could back out of the deal but I’ve already spent money on getting a survey and mortgage processed. Plus I really like the house and can’t bear the thought of traipsing around the city trying to find another place. So looks like I’ll just have to wait it out. Thankfully, there is only 3 parties now in the chain. Well at least that’s what the estate agent is telling me. So fingers crossed the delay won’t be too long.

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