November 10, 2007 in Dating

Practising the No Contact Rule

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15 days. That’s how long its been since I’ve spoken to Airport Guy. Not surprising — since I did break up with him. However, its strange for someone to leave your life never to return when for months on end, you shared your hopes and dreams with them.
So am I feeling better about things? Yes and No! Yes because I know it was the right decision based on the current state of affairs. No because it is hard letting go of the fantasy.
This annoys me because were this a business decision, I would have been over it long ago. But then at least, it wouldn’t have been such a long drawn out process. I would have had the courage to ask direct questions a lot earlier and then made a determination as to whether or not it made sense to take things to the next level.
One interesting tidbit is that in the 10 months we dated, I never dreamt about him. And now that we are over, he has appeared in my dreams twice — as my protector. Not sure what to make of this since Naval Academy Guy who use to be a regular has stopped making appearances in my dreams.

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  1. December 11, 2007 at 12:35 pm

    Howard J

    Stay strong. I have experienced the same thing. They are in fact a flesh and blood ILLUSION.

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