December 13, 2007 in Dating


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Yesterday was my Best Guy Friend’s 36th birthday. The typical man that he is, he never seems to remember to call me on my birthday — just sometime around the actual date. So every year, I try and one up him and text and call on his birthday.
And last night after discussing his birthday plans, we talked about religion, politics and then eventually got around to discussing my love life — because really, even though it was his special day — the selfish me is front and centre.
The not so interesting fact is that Best Guy Friend never really supported my relationship with Airport Guy. He thought it was all wrong. On the other hand, even up until the very end, he encouraged me to work through things with Racquetball Guy. Oh how I wish it had all worked out.
Because maybe, just maybe, after 15 years our conversations would be less about me whinging about how difficult it is to find Mr Right!
And maybe, just maybe, in his ever need to help, he wouldn’t suggest that I look into such off the wall ideas like polygamy. Now he wasn’t suggesting that I go join a cult or anything, more so that I need to be more open because there are lots of successful black women like myself that want to marry a successful black man and there just aren’t enough of them to go around.
Apparently he had read an article titled The Economic Case for Polygamy, written by Financial Times columnist Tim Harford which basically argues that if used correctly, polygamy can be a “boon for women.” That may be, but I am not at the point where I am willing to consider a non traditional relationship.
I am only interested in being in a relationship with one man (who has yet to make an appearance) and one woman (me!).
Preference is definitely to find someone who shares the same cultural heritage. However, at this stage, I am more open to him being from a different cultural backaground — he however still needs to be tall!


  1. December 18, 2007 at 10:38 pm


    Yeah! Enough with the boyfriends that mooch off me. I need man with some serious bank.
    As for the whole polygamy issue, I know you weren’t talking about it on an individual level. That said, I do think the better option is for black women to be more open to men outside their race instead of settling for men who are not their emotional/intellectual/educational, (etc.) equal.
    As for no black peole being in Austria, well the cold weather might have a lot to do with it. That and the fact that most Austrian immigrants tend to come from eastern block countries so they blend in quite easily.

  2. December 18, 2007 at 9:40 pm


    First of all, I believe I was supportive of Airport guy when you returned from Montserrat. It was at the point that he started mooching off of you and taking advantage of you financially that I had problems with him (as I also did with Racquetball Guy).
    As for Polygamy, I was discussing it at a societal level, not at an individual level. I have no reason to believe that any single individual chossing polygamy would improve their situation. The article just posits what would happen in general if black men took multiple wives.
    Enjoy Austria. I figure the reason there are so few blacks there is that it’s freakin’ cold in Austria! Hell, a couple winters there and you might turn white. 🙂

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