March 12, 2004 in Politics

Political Candidates with Prior Susbtance Abuse Problems

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Well it appears that most of the Democratic candidates for the open Senate seat here in Illinois has experimented with one or more illegal drugs. Somewhat surprised, but then I guess I really shouldn’t be. Most are chalking it up to youthful indisgressions, and for the most part, thinking we should see it as that. Of course, the one candidate who is being accused of being a wife beater wouldn’t get a pass from me. I’ll forgive the drug usage, but not the alleged spousal abuse. Having said that, I know that most wouldn’t even give them a pass on prior drug usage. I myself have never used any illegal substances, but wondering who are we to judge. More importantly, if someone experimented 20-30 years ago but has lived an upstanding life since then, who are we to deny them the opportunity to serve? Heck, considering how difficult the election process is, I’m really surprised that so many people put themselves out there to begin with.

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