March 12, 2012 in Family

Phenomenal Woman

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One of the biggest regrets surrounding my mother’s death, is that I didn’t take part in her funeral service. Truth be told by the time she died, I was so emotionally and physically exhausted that I just let others take over. All my effort the proceeding months had been consumed with trying to keep her alive, to get her on a path to remission, that when the end came, I had nothing left.

But I really do wish I had said something during the service. Even if it was just to read a poem. The one that comes to mind time and time again, when I think about my mother is Phenomenal Woman by Dr. Maya Angelou. Now I’m sure some will say it’s not appropriate for a funeral — but I suppose I want to remember my mother in better days. She was a great source of strength. Anyway, below is audio of me reading this poem last year.

Reading A Poem: Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou! (mp3)

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