January 16, 2003 in Current Events

Pete Townshend

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I don’t celebrity worship. Many eventually do something that shows them to be the flawed human beings we all are (some more flawed than others). Perfect example is Pete Townsend (of The Who rock band) who can only be described as a dumb fuck! Does he really expect us to believe that he purchased child pornography as part of his research for a book? Even if it were legitimate research (which I don’t believe), why would you purchase pictures that you know to be illegal? Child pornography is illegal. Thus pictures showing such acts will be illegal. I do believe one can accidentally stumble onto a site selling this stuff by entering any number of words in a search engine, but to pay for it? That takes things to a whole other level.
Btw, on his own Internet site, last January he made a lengthy journal entry about the problems of child pornography on the Internet. This has since been removed from the official site, but you can read it here. I’m troubled by some of what I read. What I can’t understand is why he had to purchase the pictures. There are enough free ones on the Internet that he could have used as part of his “research.” Something is not right here. I know, innocent until proven guilty, but he has a long way to go in convincing me (and I’m sure many others), that he’s really innocent.


  1. June 16, 2004 at 11:08 am


    I wish people would stop talking about this! The man is simply NOT a pediphile. Funny how the media didn’t cover any of the GOOD things he tried to do for children.
    I personally idolize the man’s talents, accomplishments and diversity as a musician. I am 30 and heard “Magic Bus” 4 the first time in 1988 when my older brother played it for me. I was 15 at the time and was blown away. Pick up a guitar and learn how to play it and you will understand.
    I just wish more fan friendly content would come up in Google instead of all this controversy bull.
    We love you Pete! Keep your head up.

  2. May 12, 2003 at 11:47 am


    he’s been a child-abuse activist for many many years.
    guess you cant really write about something unless you’ve seen it.
    far as I know the police announced him innocent after investigating him. and as for ‘getting caught’ – he apparently told the police he was gonna do it before he did it, never had a ‘real-life’ allegation aginst him, obviously didnt have tons of kiddie porn stacked up in his room or he’d be in jail now.
    media’s just too eager to brand anyone they can kiddy-fiddlers these days. he seems innocent if you ask me.

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