March 4, 2014 in Entertainment

Oscar 2014 Highlights

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I didn’t actually watch all of the Academy Awards as it started at 1:30am London time and well after about an hour, I was bored and really tired of all the commercials. So off to bed I went as I knew that all the good bits would be recapped ad nauseum the next day; one of them being John Travolta butchering one of the nominees name. How he got Adele Dazeem from Idina Menzel is beyond me. That all being said, Slate has come up with a way for us to get in on the fun and get our name Travoltified. Mine is:


Another favourite moment is the celebrity picture that broke Twitter. Well not quite but with 3+ million shares and counting, it’s well on it’s way.


Another favourite moment is when Ellen ordered pizza for everyone. Now considering that most of the women in the room were probably on crazy diets for months so they could look fabulous on the red carpet and the actual ceremony a near marathon, most seem to be appreciative of the gesture! But then, it’s the men who don’t have the body pressures that seem to dive right in first.


But perhaps my favourite moment is Lupita Nyong’o speech for winning ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for her role as Patsy in 12 Years a Slave. No doubt rehearsed, but clearly from the heart and just brilliant all around.

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