December 2, 2004 in Entertainment

Oprah’s Infomercials

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Is it just me or does Oprah’s talk show seems like it is turning into an infomercial? Recently she had her 2004 Favorite Things show and she gave away over 21 different items. Then she recently launched her Wildest Dreams Bus that goes around the country giving more gifts to people. Granted it makes people feel better, but it sometimes seems like a commercial since she heavily plugs the name of companies whose products she is giving away. Thus, I have to believe that companies all over America are sending her free stuff to try to get on her radar. Hmmm. Maybe I am just jealous because despite the fact that I have lived in Chicago for 10 years, I have never been to the Oprah show never mind getting a ticket to her favorite things show. Some of the gifts were really nice. Hmmm. At least the guests this year on her favorite things show were more deserving. They were all teachers.

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