September 28, 2012 in London, Olympics

Olympic Stadium Pixel Tablets

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During the four London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies, the pixel tablets attached to the audience member seats inside the Olympic Stadium came to life with some amazing displays. Perhaps one of the most memorable is the “this is for everyone” quote tapped out by Sir Timothy John “Tim” Berners-Lee who is credited with inventing the Internet.

Designed by Tait Technologies and programed by Crystals CG, we (the Mechanicals) coached the audience on how to use the pixels during the Thanks Tim section of the Olympics Opening Ceremony. And fortunately/unfortunately the audience had so much fun that many didn’t want to put them down. Also some didn’t put them back so that the pixels would be facing outward. So interestingly, when it came time for the Olympics Closing Ceremony, the near 80,000 pixel tablets were locked down since even more amazing displayed would be showcased. In fact, a total of 27 animated sequences, lasting 75 minutes, was created for the Olympics Closing Ceremony.

So click on this link to see more of the amazing work done by Crystals CG for the London 2012 Ceremonies. Should note that it took just ten weeks with five technicians and six local crew members to install the pixels. And so will they be there when the stadium opens back up in 2014? Most likely not, but fingers are crossed. They were simply spectacular!

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