September 29, 2008 in Travel, Work

O Canada

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Greetings from Toronto, Canada! I have been here for the last few days and I am totally digging this city. It is different from all the major cities in the US I lived in(Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, etc.), but yet it is quite familiar at the same time. Heck, almost too familiar as everyone thinks I am Canadian. Well at least that is what this guy at the World’s Biggest Book Store told me. He tried to pick me up, but it all went south when I told him I lived in London, England not London, Ontario.
In any event, I am here on business; but I have managed to take in a few of the sites in downtown Toronto. In fact, yesterday was spent walking around Kensington Market and Chinatown. Also, went by the CN Tower, but didn’t go up as it was simply too foggy.
I was also supposed to go to Niagara Falls today, but in that there was threat of rain, I decided I would rather be propped up in bed watching American football. Goodness, I do so miss seeing men in tights on a weekly basis. I actually do watch a few games back in London on the North American Sports Network — however, I hardly ever see games for teams I support. That said, I am really looking forward to going to Wembley Stadium at the end of the month to see the New Orleans Saints v San Diego Chargers game. Of course, now that I am no longer dating a certain person, I need to find someone to go with. So I will have to give it further thought when I get back to London.
In the meantime, I plan to just enjoying being in Toronto. It is a beautiful city.

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