April 14, 2003 in Current Events

NYC Bouncer Killed in Smoking Ban Brawl

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A bouncer died this past weekend after trying to enforce New York’s recent ban on smoking in bars and restaurants. What a waste. I myself don’t care to be around cigarette smoke but it’s just one of those things I tolerate when I go to a bar. At restaurants though, I get really annoyed. I want the environment to be as smoke free as possible when I’m eating.

By ERIN McCLAM, Associated Press Writer, Sun Apr 13, 8:11 PM ET
NEW YORK – A bouncer at a Manhattan nightclub died Sunday after he was stabbed in a brawl that police said began when he tried to enforce the city’s new ban on smoking in bars and restaurants.
Dana Blake, 32, died about 11 hours after the late-night fight in an East Village nightclub.
Police arrested two brothers, Johnathan and Ching Chan, shortly after the fight and charged them with assault. Prosecutors had not decided Sunday whether to upgrade the charges because of Blake’s death.
Blake approached the men about 2:30 a.m. to tell them they could not smoke in the bar, police spokesman Michael O’Looney said. It was unclear whether one or both men were smoking, he said.
Harsh words were exchanged and the brawl began when Blake tried to eject Johnathan Chan for disorderly behavior, witnesses told police. Blake was stabbed in the fight, but it was unclear who stabbed him or with what, O’Looney said.
The smoking ban took effect late last month.

link via Yahoo News.

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