January 31, 2006 in Dating

Note to Self

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Never call your best guy friend again in the middle of a cry storm. Not if it involves your feelings re failed romantic relationships. Oh he’ll be sympathetic all right, but not the way you want him to be. Partially because old history always comes up which while not completely bad, is never really good.
Also, when already in a funk, do not read books like Man and Boy by Tony Parson. Oh sure its a brilliant read, that made you laugh out loud at various parts but other parts also made you cry even harder.
Also, don’t go see movies like Brokeback Mountain. Not because the story involves two gay characters. More so because this is just another love story that brought on even more tears.
So what should you do? Well, see more movies like March of the Penguins. Yes, there are parts of it that are really sad, but it’s more of a celebration of all that can be good about being in a family unit. So that’s positive. Plus with cute penguins, you really can’t go wrong.
Also, read more books like Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby. Yes, this too is yet another love story. But it’s a different type of love story. It’s a memoir of Nick’s love obsession with British football (soccer). And as someone new to this country who is trying desperately to understand all the intricacies of the culture, this makes for a worthy read that won’t produce any more tears.
Finally, find more opportunities to go Nordic Walking. It’s really fun and it always makes you feel a whole lot better!

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