August 27, 2008 in Work

No Turning Back

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Last Friday was a big day for me. After a few weeks of relaxation, further research and consultation, I paid the deposit to move my application forward to purchase the franchise I’ve been exploring. On Monday I had an interview with the President and Founder who will put my application forward to the board. Furthermore, I met with a business advisor today to discuss lead generation for my local market. We also talked about insurance, accountancy pacakages and generally the pros and cons of setting up a sole trader vs limited company. In an effort to protect my personal assets I’ll establish a limited company. Of course, I’ll defer until I find out whether or not my application is accepted. This will happen later this week. I’m cautiously optimistic — knowing that no matter how things turn out, years from now I’ll be able to say that I made the decision to seriously explore striving out on my own.

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