September 12, 2003 in Entertainment

No Seriously, We’re All Gonna Die

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After having dinner at Adobo Grill which has kick ass guacamole, my friends and I went to see performance at Second City titled: “No Seriously, We’re All Gonna Die.” While we were packed in like sardines, I still managed to have a great time. All the performers where really good and I could see why many alums like Chris Farley go on to Saturday Night Live. The scenes both scripted and impromptu were all laugh out loud funny. Below is a description of the show which was totally worth the $19 admissions price.

Directed by Second City alum Dave Razowsky, “No, Seriously, We’re All Gonna Die,” is an uplifting and joyous account of how wonderful it is to be an American today. As advancements in technology and communication have brought the world’s leaders and citizens closer than ever before, it is a truly remarkable feat that America’s astute and agile leadership has inventively created a magnificent gulf between ourselves and those who envy us in foreign lands. “No, Seriously, We’re All Gonna Die,” examines our glorious bounty, while also managing to cover a diverse range of subject matter including condo associations, product placement and funk bands.

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