February 24, 2007 in Dating

No Happily Ever After

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The likelihood that Airport Guy and I will go off into the sunset is now highly unlikely. In a way, I think it was all a bit too much too fast. Plus living in two different countries did not really help matters. Not when one person in the relationship is a student of limited means. It put a lot of pressure on our new relationship that really only the strongest would want to survive.
So here I am, in a reflective mood and trying desperately not to feel too sad about the whole situation. I mean, I’d only known him since last December so I technically should be over it by now. Of course, this is easier said than done. Perhaps because I seriously thought we had the potential to be good together. Plus he knew my family and they liked him. But, I was wrong about him and our potential of having a future together.
So after getting all the tears out, I just need to internalize what happened this past week because failure to do so will mean that I’ll continue to make the same mistake over and over again. I mean if I listened to my inner voice I would have admitted that he didn’t meet a few of the attributes I seek in a potential boyfriend/husband.

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