December 11, 2013 in Politics

Nelson Mandela’s Memorial & Funeral

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I watched most if not all of the coverage surrounding Madiba’s death. I just felt this tremendous sense of loss and I wanted to absorb all I could and truth be told, if finances weren’t an issue, I really would have gotten on a plane to South Africa. But as that was not possible, even with the massive time difference, I was glued to the television listening to the speeches by the various religious and political officials. All were impressive, but my favourite from Mr Mandela’s memorial attended by nearly two hundred world leaders was given by President Barack Obama. His words resonated and I couldn’t help but beam with pride for black people everywhere. Oh how far we’ve come.

My favorite speech from the actual funeral was given Ahmed Kathrada, one of Nelson Mandela’s closest friends who gave an emotional tribute to the former South Africa president telling mourners: “my life is in a void and I don’t know who to turn to.” As his voice cracked throughout the speech, my heart hurt so much for him and the extended Mandela family, even Winnie who thankfully in back in the fold for the send off.

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