January 24, 2003 in Friends

Natural Evolution

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Just found out that my best guy friend’s girlfriend is moving in with him. Found out while reading her livejournal. I’m extremely happy for him, as I actually like the girlfriend. But kind of annoyed that he didn’t even consult me. Perhaps he didn’t because he thought I might have tried to talk him out of it. Whatever his reason, I feel slighted. I tell him everything, he holds back. Sometimes, I wonder about our friendship. He use to be my best friend but has since been demoted (it’s our little joke!) to just my best guy friend. I wonder where on his list of friends I rank. Something tells me, I’m not near the top anymore. Hmm, maybe it’s just the natural evolution of things….
Update (3:37pm) Finally caught up with him. They’re both in Las Vegas. We talked. We laughed. Everything is ok. I don’t feel slighted anymore. So instead of making this about my need to be in the know, wishing the happy couple the best of luck. For the first time, I think my best guy friend has met someone who he is totally compatible with and that makes me happy.


  1. January 29, 2003 at 4:49 pm


    I genuinely mean what I said above. I’ve never seen HWHNYBN (my best guy friend), this happy. So I think it’s a wonderful thing you’re in his life.

  2. January 28, 2003 at 3:51 pm

    .5 of the happy couple

    Wow. ::blush:: Thank you. 🙂 And, I’m sorry you found out through my LJ, but I’m glad that you at least found out before it happened! 🙂 He’s not exactly the best at passing news along…I get shocked, too. 🙂
    There are still alot of my good friends who don’t know. I need to get on the phone more! Between work and sudden trips to Vegas, I haven’t been gossiping at normal speed. 🙂

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