August 9, 2004 in Friends

My Friend’s Wedding Pictures

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My friend who got married in June sent me the link to access the official pictures from her wedding. I was really excited to take a look at what was there as I really hadn’t gotten any from the wedding ceremony and I wanted a few good ones to include in my scrapbook. So I immediately logged on at and checked out the 600+ wedding pictures. As to be expected, they are just beautiful, but I can’t get over my shock at what the photographer wants to charge for each picture. For a standard 4×6 print, he wants $9. Yup, that’s $9 each. At that price, I really don’t see myself buying more than a couple. Now I know he has a right to make a living, but in that I know what she already paid for him to take the pictures, this $9 price is highway robbery. It doesn’t cost that much to process each print. Heck, he’d still make a decent profit if he cut his prices in half. But I doubt that will happen. So I see this as yet another reason to stay away from the production involved with throwing a large wedding. It’s all so frigging expensive.

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  1. August 10, 2004 at 8:17 am


    I offered on word wedding advise to both my daughters… ELOPE. Neither took my advise.

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