January 27, 2003 in Personal

My Biological Clock

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Rumors are swirling that Madonna may be pregnant again. If true and she has a successful pregnancy, this gives me hope. She would be having her 3rd child at 44. I would like to have children now (I’m 32), but since I don’t have a husband, not willing to go it alone. If however, I reach a certain age (say 40) and I don’t have a husband, I might reconsider. A certain person who shall remain nameless has offered up his sperm. But here’s hoping I don’t have to resort to that method. I grew up in a single parent household and I would like to avoid that at all cost. My baby needs a daddy!!!!

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  1. September 26, 2003 at 2:08 am


    Don’t wait until you are 40. The fact is that some people can’t even get pregnant at 30. They just automatically assume it. I had a baby 7 days before I turned 40 vi a artificial insemination. By the way, I used a donor I don’t know from the hospital because they have all of his medical history up to 3 generations back. Also, it took me until this age to have the baby. I went through 9 surgeries, fertility medications, etc. Don’t assume that you can get pregnant just because you are 30, like me, you may not and then pray you had tried to start in your 20’s. I don’t regret being a single mother, neither does my 8 year old straight A son. He is healthy, knows he was wanted desperately, was not an accident, and knows someone was kind enough to donate part of themselves to help me have him. He will never be abandoned by divorce, etc. He has uncles, is in YMCA, the Big Brother Big Sisters program, snow skis, water skis, hikes, has a cat, dog, and a huge loving family. He is an only child. Also, remember that Madonna almost lost Rocco her son after he was born prematurely and by emergency c-section.

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