August 18, 2003 in Personal

My Biological Clock

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Did anyone out there view 60 Minutes last night? I cringed as I watched the rebroadcast of segment on a woman’s biological clock. I’ve said this many times before and I’ll say it again, if someone had told me that I would be unmarried without any children at 33, I’d call them a liar. Heck, my mother had 3 children at my age and I’m feeling a little pressure, as both my sisters are already mothers. Ok, sure the pressure is self-imposed, but the fact that my ability to get pregnant has decreased since I’m over 30 worries me to no end. Plus according to the medical experts “by 37, fertility is dropping steeply, and even with the most advanced medical techniques, virtually no women over the age of 44 are able to have a baby using their own eggs.” Yikes! So I’m thinking about taking precautionary measures. Particularly, since I have a finite number of eggs, which are being lost at a preset rate, I can’t control. I’ve thought about having my eggs frozen, but knowing that the chances of them surviving on their own are slim to none; I’ve abandoned that idea. So now I’m thinking about asking someone to give me their sperm to fertilize my eggs to make embryos. Of course, there are all these legal and ethical ramifications, so it’s a bit tricky on whom to ask. I’ve joked about it with my best guy friend, but I’m not sure if I seriously asked him he would agree and so I think I’m going to do some research on sperm banks. I know it’s somewhat drastic to be thinking about sperm banks since I’ve got a few more good years before my own eggs become unusable, but this is more a precautionary measure. Hopefully it’s not cost prohibitive. I simply don’t want to reach 45/55 and be one of those women who say their biggest regret was not giving birth to a child. Of course, I know I could always adopt, but I have to believe there is nothing greater than looking at your child and knowing you created him/her from your own DNA.

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  1. August 20, 2003 at 4:34 am


    Well, what makes you happy is what is important but speaking as someone who was adopted, trust me, although the parent will always know that the child is not blood, they do forget that fact and realize, “This IS my child.”
    I wouldn’t pass that up so quickly. Just a thought.

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