March 13, 2004 in Entertainment

My Architect

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Quite a few of my friends were out last night whooping it up, as it’s the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day. I myself decided to stay low key as I’m on the Fat Flush Diet. Since I start like a week and a half ago, and the diet dictates that you not have alcohol in the first two weeks, I’m trying to stay away from places where the drinking of alcohol is prevalent. I’m not a big drinker myself, but starting to realize that the two drinks I have on average when I go out are sometimes the difference between me being uptight and moody vs. being relaxed and engaging. Sort of sad, but this is what I’m realizing about myself. Thankfully, I don’t need many to get a buzz so I’m not in danger of becoming an alcoholic anytime soon.
In any event, I decided to go to the movies and ended up seeing the docudrama: My Architect. It was good, but not the sort of movie that I would recommend be seen on a Friday night. It follows Nathaniel Kahn, the illegitimate son of the great architect Louis I. Kahn as he searches to find out who his father really was. We soon learn that despite facial disfigurement due to a fire, his father was a ladies man. He had three different families who lived within 10 miles of each other. Beyond his scandalous personal life which many didn’t know anything about until he death in 1974, he was also a complex architect who despite being a workaholic, only designed and built about 13 buildings. He had many failures and based on the interviews with some who were around him, it appears than many were due to his stubbornness and unwillingness to compromise and think clearly about the practicality of his artistic design. In that the movie is such a downer, not sure I would recommend that anyone go see it. But would recommend, checking out pictures of the various buildings he designed. While I’m not a bid fan of his work, I do like the building that many consider to be his masterpiece. This is the: National Assembly Building of Bangladesh in Dacca. Of his other buildings, I also l like the Exeter Library in New Hampshire.

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  1. March 25, 2004 at 2:46 pm

    Miss E

    There’s a Law & Order episode based on this guy, but I didn’t realize it til I read your post. Neat!
    Haven’t been around in a while, but looks like you’ve been busy. Hope all is well. 🙂

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