June 9, 2004 in Politics

Moving On

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Earlier today I was going to write an entry ranting that President Reagan’s memorial and state funeral was probably costing the taxpayers too much money, but after seeing the face of Nancy Reagan this afternoon, I’ve softened a bit on the issue. She, Nancy seemed so old and frail and it just made me want to cry. Not for Ronald Reagan or even Nancy, but because once again memories of my mother’s death came flooding back to me. I remember that while I felt extremely sad about my Mom’s passing, I was also relieved that her suffering had come to an end. This made me feel a bit more compassionate for Mrs. Reagan. I’m sure these last 10 years were not easy for her. They never are for anyone who takes care of a loved one who is terminally ill. So here’s hoping that she has a few good years ahead of her to enjoy whatever it is she likes doing.

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