August 14, 2006 in Personal

Moving On Up

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Had I lived in Nothing Hill, Chelsea, Soho or one of the other fabulous areas closer to London, I wouldn’t have thought twice about heading out late on my birthday. But being in Wimbledon, one has to always think about getting home. Oh sure I’ve got options, but none are really desirable. Besides hopping on the last train from Waterloo which leaves at 12:30am, I can also catch a taxi (very expensive) or get on the night bus (really scary for a single gal). As such, when it comes time to moving, I really want to live closer to the action, and Nothing Hill would be a perfect location. However, as I am neither a super model or uber-wife in waiting, I need to come up with another plan for moving into one of those fabulous flats in the area. I could always try and hook up with a nice banker in the city, but as I want to marry for love and not money, I need to look for other options. Thus, I’m starting to seriously consider how I can turn an idea I have swirling in my head from dream to reality — particularly since the rise of the Internet has made the barriers to entry for some new businesses so low. Oh sure, it would be hard work to get it off the ground, but not working for some giant faceless organization would also be so liberating.

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