April 21, 2003 in Friends

Missing Him

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I miss my best guy friend. I haven’t talk to him since late March. Oh sure I called and invited him to the Cubs season opener, but when he said he couldn’t make the game, ended the conversation as I needed to find someone to go with me. Now its weeks later, and we still haven’t talked. We initially stopped talking after a lengthy phone conversation. Frustrated by the phone call, I wrote a post titled painful choices. After that post, we exchanged emails. He thought I was trying to blame him for certain failures in my life and I tried to explain that I just wanted him to see or acknowledge the other side of things. Suffice to say we never really resolved anything and our friendship is still in limbo. I want to call him but I haven’t. I miss talking about politics. I miss talking about Michigan. I miss having him give me boy advice. I miss all the inside jokes. Having said that, I don’t necessarily want to reengage the friendship right now — but I still do miss him.

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