July 30, 2003 in Personal

Milking It

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Choo-Choo and I are both enjoying the lime line light. We are getting fan mail plus quite a few congratulatory phone calls. I know all of this attention won’t last and that 5 of our 15 minutes of fame are almost up, but we’re going to milk the remaining 10 for all it’s worth. Hopefully you won’t think me obnoxious. I don’t want to loose any of the people who’ve been with me since the beginning. Btw, in checking my site stats, it show that 212 unique visitors stopped by yesterday. That’s triple the number of people who normally read my blog on any given day. Yippeee!! My highest ever before the release of this article was sometime in April. On the day in question which brought 146 unique visitors, the Gulf War had just started and I was posting quite frequently. I know this number will go back down, but if 5 new people start reading my blog on a regular basis, I’ll be really happy with that. More importantly, if I inspire one person to start their own blog, I’ll be really proud.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I called the Chicago Tribune yesterday to see about getting a glossy copy of the article for framing; the price quoted was $275 for black & white, $375 for color. I almost keeled over. I then promptly went out and bought additional copies for 50 cents each.

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