January 21, 2003 in Michigan Wolverines

Michigan Admissions/Graduation Record

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With all the talk about Michigan’s affirmative action program, thought I would do some digging to determine what percentage of incoming freshman belong to a minority group. Based on 2002 data, 28% of incoming freshman class identify themselves as belonging to a minority group. This includes African Americans (8.9%), Native American (1.1%), Asian American (11.8%), & Hispanic Americans (6.9%). To see how Michigan compares with other top Universities for acceptance and enrollment of African American students, go here. Data was compiled by The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education. Another critical statistics is the graduation rate of said minority groups. While Michigan’s numbers could be better, they lead the 10 Big Ten and most of the other top public/private universities across the country. Overall, I’d say Michigan has a good record. According to study by The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, Michigan ranks 19th based on its success in attracting, enrolling, and graduating African-American students. Not bad, not bad I tell you. Of course, things could always be better. 🙂

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